Activity Proposal: Audio-Controlled Robot Capture the Flag

Cov has ordered two audio controlled robots–Wigls–from Crowd Supply, and example control devices in the form of recorders (the flute-like instruments). So that gets us two robots that can be remotely controlled. Using magnets or other mechanisms we should be able to make the robots able to pick up flags or other transportable markers. We’ll need some sort of medium access control. The easiest would be time division by simply taking turns with the opposing robot turned off. Depending on what preparations Cov and others are able to make, the human operators round could use frequency division. After the human operators round we could also have an autonomous round with points given for completing various tasks like FIRST Robotics. Finishing the event could be a secure your own robot and pwn the opposing robot round. Somewhere in there we can program Arduinos and HiFive1s to emit the frequencies that the robots interpret as commands.

As we make preparations we’ll have a better sense of what is feasible in a reasonable amount of time and given the variety of skills and ideas participants will have. Let us know if you have any suggestions or would like to help with preparations.

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